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Grell Sutcliff
27 May 2020 @ 01:10 pm
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Note: Every post/tag after Post #13 will correctly reflect Grell's gender identification. I sincerely apologize for getting it so wrong until now. So for those who are unfamiliar with Grell, while she acknowledges that she is biologically male, she identifies as female, and prefers for others to refer to her as such.
Grell Sutcliff
02 June 2011 @ 11:17 pm
[No fancy camera angles in today's post. Just the standard shot of the 'Gear's owner, one Grell Sutcliff. Goldenrod's theme plays cheerily in the background. She's actually got a nice poker face on today, though it seems like she's been doing a lot of thinking lately.]

Misplaced days aside, I've realized something. It has been over a year since I arrived in Johto. Time flies, doesn't it? I can remember the day of my arrival like it was yesterday. [Not fondly, but she remembers nonetheless.] While others come and go, come and go again, I remain. I cannot help but wonder what determines it sometimes, though there likely isn't any explanation behind it.

[A thoughtful pause.] Are there any others who have managed to stay in Johto for this long? I need someone else to celebrate a year of imprisonment with.
Grell Sutcliff
"Have you ever wanted to see a legendary up close?"

My oh my, it seems that an eventful mission is on the horizon. Consider my interest piqued. This is the first time I have heard word of a "legendary" outside of the typical babble from the Johto residents. I do wonder if they are as majestic as I have heard.

It is about time something exciting happened around here.

Who else is answering the call?

[Grell is making this post while on the helicopter over to Olivine. For any other Rockets taking the copter from Goldenrod, feel free to action it up.]
Grell Sutcliff
29 April 2011 @ 05:17 pm
[Today's Grell network post is brought to you from a bench in Goldenrod City!]

Question for you today, Johto! My, I seem to be full of these lately, don't I?

[Grell holds the 'Gear with one hand and points it down to her lap, where Hamlet the Cubone and newly hatched Juliet the Smoochum lie. A green colored egg (that some may recognize as a Scyther egg) can also be seen nearby.]

Does anyone else actually not evolve their little beasties?

At first, I had little knowledge of Pokémon appearances, so I allowed it to happen. I was lucky with Tybalt in that case, as he turned out to be beautiful. But thanks to the network, I saw what Hamlet and Yorick will become, and I must say I was far less than impressed, so I have kept them as is. They're much cuter this way.
Grell Sutcliff
[Where can Grell Sutcliff be found on this lovely Sunday afternoon? On the outskirts of Goldenrod City and away from work, of course! By a small pond at the beginning of Route 35 to be exact, judging by the video taking place.

Since the snow has mostly melted away and the bodies of water have thawed for the most part, Grell's decided to let her Carvanha go for a swim for the first time...ever. The Carvanha hatched during the winter so she's been limited to tubs and other confined spaces. Being plopped into the chilled pond is a welcome event for the young (yet terrifying) Pokémon. The Carvanha splashes about happily, causing the holder of the 'Gear to gasp. The deep, refined voice is all too familiar.]

Goneril, watch where you're splashing! I would rather my makeup not get ruined today. ... Or the PokéGear either, actually.

[The camera is then swung around to show off the scenery of Route 35. Her other Pokémon can be seen lounging about.]

What a wonderful day. It seems that spring is upon us at last. A welcome sight after a long and dreary winter. I certainly will not be missing the cold and snow anytime soon.

[Grell then aims the 'Gear at herself.]

You know, it seems perfect to have afternoon tea time outdoors, wouldn't you agree? I just so happen to have some set up. Would any of you handsome fellows near Goldenrod like to have tea with me? A bit of chitchat too, perhaps? I don't mean to boast, but I am quite good at making interesting chitchat. Do let me know if you would like to join me~

[And with that, she shuts off the feed.]

A message to Sebastian follows the video...Collapse )